Large companies looking to start out in the tech game often come to me for help. I have been working in the tech industry building Software as a Service businesses for over a decade now on the front lines. I am most known in the industry as a web platform architect but I have had to do everything including sales, marketing, recruiting, fund raising, management, business strategy even plunge the toilet if that is what the job requires.

I will be honest: I have made some painful mistakes and had some failures, but I have had some wins too and I am still here to talk about it.

My clients come to me so I can help them dodge those landmines and not make the same mistakes I have seen time and time again. Mistakes that if allowed to happen on the level that these large companies operating at can be devastating.


If you are an established company in your industry looking to pursue a highly scalable Software as a Service(SaaS) play then I can help you.

How it works:

Strategic Assessment:

Typically I start with a Strategic Assessment that lasts between 2 and 4 weeks depending on your industry and situation. During this time I reasearch and break down your industry, your market, your company and identify opportunities and strategies you can use to get to market.

At the end of the assessment I present my findings to you and we can decide if we want to proceed to the Market Validation stage..

Market Validation:

Typically the next thing we do is propose a series of small cost efficient experiments we can use to test our proposed strategies and zero in on our customer base before we try and scale. These experiments typically last between 3 - 6 months.

Go To Market/Team Building:

Once we have found a valid business model and a customer base eager to buy the solution we have come up with now its time to get building. Building your product and your customer acquisition process with a solid marketing and sales strategy.

Typically I can also help building and executing recruiting and fundraising strategies when needed.

Getting Started:

I am fairly picky about selecting my clients but I am always happy to have a conversation. Shoot me an email and lets connect.

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