Anyone that knows me knows I can't spell worth a damn. I just about failed just about every English class I had in high school except Creative Writing. Additionally, I mumbled as a child and had severe difficulty communicating(I still do have difficulty communicating, but now I go on long caffeine fueled rants that leave people struggling to follow me). This begs the question:

Why would I write a book?

The answers are simple

Because I love what I do:

I love inventing new things. I love sharing them with the world. I love helping people. I love teaching. I love bringing together a team of passionate people to rock out cool shit. This book combines all of those things.

Because there are only so many hours in the day:

There seems to be an infinite number of projects out there in the world. Unfortunately, I only have a finite amount of time in the day.

People looking to get started in the Tech/Entrepreneur world often come to me for advice on getting started. The laws of time and space limit the amount of time I can spend with each one.

I am lucky enough to have had an exciting and fun career working with large established companies and startups alike(Check out the check About Matt Page for details).

The amount of time I can spend helping people invent these amazing things and amazing projects is also limited. I can think of a half dozen projects I would love to be a part of but I just don't have time.

Too often I try to squeeze more hours in the day by doubling up on caffeine, but I'm not as young as I used to be so it is time for a better plan.

I am hoping this blog and the book will help me reach out to more people by sharing what I have learned from my failures and successes.

Because I enjoy new challenges:

As I said earlier, writing and communication have always been a challenge for me. The only way I will ever get better is to dive in and start learning. That is why this blog's tagline is "Experiments in writing, product development and life". Because I learn best by diving in swimming out until I am almost in too deep, then figure out what to do next.

Hopefully, I will learn new and amazing ways to connect, communicate, and teach those that wish to learn from my adventures and projects.

Who do you think you are, Tim F%#$ Ferris?

No, nor am I Shakespeare. I'm trying to help those that want to do things I enjoy and have spent time studying.

(Though, one could argue I did steal the "Experiments" part of my tagline)

Why are you charging for it?

Self publishing books is expensive, in time and resources. You need to hire designers for the cover. I sure as hell need an editor for all of my grammar mistakes. There is a lot of costly research I need to do to ensure I get the best end product. I have hired an assistant to help me with the details and to coordinate everything.

This doesn't even start to cover my own time. In the final stage of this project I will need to focus on it full time to get the quality I want for my readers. Since I cannot consult, I will need another form of income.

Why not go find a publisher?

I have considered going to a publisher. I have talked with some small publishers and agents. If the right opportunity presents itself there is a good chance I would go with one. My chances greatly increase if I have existing content and a following.

For now, I will use this website and rely on support from my friends, mentors and well wishers to keep pushing forward and writing my book Ship or get off the pot.


So thank you all for reading. If you wish to show your support you can pre-purchase a copy of Ship or get off the pot today

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