A growing number of my friends have bounced around the idea of getting the hell out of Wisconsin for the cold winter months. Its about time we do it or shut up. So I am taking the first steps by creating a Google group so we can all get on the same page and get our shit together. Sign up here.

Basically I am hoping a couple of us digital nomads will come to a consensus of where we want to go. Then we simply chose a house that has internet and one hell of a view. Then we all throw down and rent it for a month or two.

Hell here is an example of one place in Thailand i found for mid January to late Febuary for $2707. Its a 3 bedroom but it says it can hold up to 8. I'm sure we can fit someone on a couch or inflatable mattress if we want to cut costs even more.

Like I said this is one example. Another possibility is going to a tech hub like Bolder or Austin. Here is a search in Austin for all 3 months that shows some interesting options.

Unfortunately between writing a book and starting a new company I am pretty tied up right now. So I will definitely be looking for someone to help coordinate it. Sign up or let me know if you are interested.

I look forward to exploring the world with you.



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