About a year and a half ago I wrote a post called Project January. The goal was to get out of Wisconsin's freezing winter to ring in the new year somewhere abroad. Sadly I was unable to make that happen last winter. But my resolve is strong and I am working hard towards making it happen this winter.

I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go until I stumbled on to this little post from The Points Guy website. I have some friends over there so I have decided to make that my launching point.

Ringing in the new year in London:

As of the moment, my goal is to ring in the new year in London. But I don't want to do it alone. I would love for any of my friends, family, associates to join. So I am writing this post hoping to convince a friend or two to join me.

My Plan:

Buy a one-way ticket to London that leaves the week before New Years, ring in the New Year in London, then figure out the rest as I go (If you have any suggestions let me know).

I know I want to check out the beaches of Greece and a few other places while I am over there. Also, I was invited to do some coaching clinics in Denmark. Beyond that I am open to anything as long as I can continue to run my business and work on my projects.


I googled up some flights and if I book soon the cost is around $500-600 dollars for the one-way trip from Chicago:


Housing is the tricky part. Do I want to stay in London or float around? Do I want to go fancy or go cheap (I will prob go cheap but might splurge for the immediate time around New Years). I like hostels for the social aspects so I might start out at a hostel to get to know some people then move towards my own private accommodations at an AirBNB.

This one in particular cought my eye.


I plan on running my business while on the move. Nomad's List has a great list of co-working spaces to check out.


This is key. Going somewhere new where you are the foreigner can set you up to feel isolated unless you find a way to tap into social circles. In my travels I have found hostels with a bar as one of the best place to meet new people and make new friends, seconded only by meeting up with groups of people with shared interests.

For that I started checking out Meetup.com


If you care to (dare to) join me or have any suggestions, introductions, or thoughts in general please hit me up. I am excited to see where the new year takes me.

Picture by G√ľnter Hentschel throw Flickr.com via the Creative Commons Licence



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