I am not famous by any stretch of the imagination. I am pretty picky about when I am in front of the camera. When it served a purpose I have stepped on stage and here is a list of some of those press clippings.

Tech Crunch Disrupt

Tech Crunch Disrupt 2012

Interview with Colleen Taylor

Interview on

Three years later they showed me some love with this clip around the 1:15 mark


100State is an amazing collaborative coworking environment that went from 0 - 160 members in just over a year and is quickly becoming one of the major tech hubs of the midwest.

Here is a little clip of us getting getting interviewed around the new 100state.

PS: One of my ventures,, is managing this space and many other coworking spaces.

Steve Case's Rise of the Rest Tour:

AOL Founder Steve Case was swinging through town and I managed to ride Joe Sweeny's coat tails on to 1/3 of the clip.

Driven To Better Podcast

The Driven to Better interview is one of my more in depth interviews I start out a little rough but if you are willing to listen and want to learn more about my values, my experiences, and what I am working towards then you might just want to listen.

Months later when I started up I was also interviewed here:

The Wall Street Journal

Not the best press I have ever gotten, as a matter of fact the author twisted some facts to make it look like I was down and out when I was actually on the way up. All the same it was cool being in the Wall Street Journal.

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