So its finally out there. After a year of waiting Hacking Fear is available for purchase on Amazon.

What is in Hacking Fear:

Hacking Fear has tips and tricks to help coaches and parents of high performing athletes debug those frustrating habit loops. It is not that these athletes do not want to perform at the highest level, instead they have developed complex behavioral defense mechanisms to avoid unwanted consequences.

In Hacking Fear we cover many strategies to disrupt these defense habit loops and break through to achieve your athletes' goals. For example: You are not afraid of your stove top though it could cause you pain. You know the outcome of touching a hot stove top. You don't fear it, you respect it. Fear is most often caused by uncertainty. We fear the unknown. If you want to remove fear, remove uncertainty.

We go in depth on specific actionable methods of disrupting habit loops, creating new behavior patterns through repetition, and using positive association to keep the athlete focused on what you want them to focus.

We also discuss the dangers of applying labels such as "mental case" to your athletes and how this can be damaging as they internalize these labels. This creates a self fulfilling prophecy that enforces their unwanted behaviors.

If you are interested in adding many field tested tools to your coaching arsenal designed to help you get your athletes to the next level, pick up a copy of Hacking Fear.  

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