It was an amazing summer of coaching at camp again. Unfortunately the last 2 weeks since camp has ended have been brutal as far as my diet goes. I will admit it is all self inflicted. I chose to travel, one week for fun and one for business, and during those two weeks of travel my diet was awful.

Luckily as fall comes and I settle down in my Fall home I find that the mental jolt from a complete change in environment can be a useful tool for introducing in new habits and behavior patterns.

With that said I have a couple of new rules/habits I am working on to help guide me on my way. As per usual I am sharing them here publicly so that you, my friends and readers, can help hold me accountable.

#1 - Not eating in my bedroom:

If you read my post last winter on my experiments with intermittent fasting I found it to be quite pleasant and quite effective. So I plan to continue to do it. The basics have become second nature but I still have some bad habits that need addressing such as eating late night snacks in my bed.

My scheduled window to eat 5 days of the week is from 3PM - 7PM. So I should not be eating after 7PM and I sure as hell should not be eating in my room.

#2 -Eat more spinach and kale:

At camp I had access to piles of free kale and spinach. Most lunch/dinners I would just take a heaping pile of spinach and scoop a handful of whatever the protein of the day was on to it.

If you're full of greens there there is no room for the other empty calories we are all tempted by.

I am currently in the process of researching some new recipes of which I will share my recipes with all of you here:

#3 - Eat more fish:

I found out this summer that I like tuna way more than I did when I was younger.

I aim to cook fish at least once a week... maybe Fridays. Not breaded and fried of course, I have a nice baked recipe.

#4 - Do more yoga, Acro-yoga and climbing:

About 2 years ago I started getting real into yoga. The last year I fell out of that habit a bit. Now it is time to pick it back up again. Luckily my business partner and a lot of our associates do yoga and I hope they will draw me to do more of it.

Last year this time after being persuaded by some of my camp friends I connected with a group that does acro yoga here in Wisconsin. It has been a great time and I hope to increase the amount of time I put into it.

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#5 - Coach More:

A few years ago I phased out of coaching as much at my home club. I miss it and need to get back in the gym more. Coaching/working with kids keeps you young and I intend to keep doing it as long as I can. I may retire from programming some day but I will coach as long as I can.

##Conclusion: These are a few of the habits I want to work on increasing. Like I said earlier I post these types of posts to get my friends to help hold me accountable so feel free to ask me how I am doing with this or if you are sharing a meal with me and you don’t see spinach call me out on it. I deeply appreciate your roll in my journey and would hope some of my antics share with you here might in some way help you on your own journey.

~Cheers Matt

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