Today I have a question for you:
How do you write a book? One chapter at a time.

My most recent project is combines behavioral science in an effort to help you and other aspiring authors write their books one chapter at a time.

The Inspiration:

Recently I was listening an episode of the Tim Ferriss Podcast featuring Jocko Willink. As are most of Tim's podcasts it was amazing but one specific thing stood out to me.

Tim mentioned how it pained him that people seemed to be missing an important part of the learning process he was trying to get a cross in the Four Hour Chef. In the book he shows the readers a 'recipe for learning any skill'. It breaks down into 4 parts:

  1. Deconstruction
  2. Selection
  3. Sequencing
  4. Stakes

Stakes being the last step seems to be what people missed the point on the most. If you don't have some skin in the game then there is little or no motivation to pursue the new skill.

I personally have used this tactic to lose weight and write books. I would tell my friends that I was going to go out there and do something. Next time I saw them I knew that they would ask me about it and that I would want to be spared the embarrassment of not having an answer would work all the harder to have some progress to show them.

Tim seems to have a more monetary focus. In other podcasts has referenced sites like stickK or DietBet.

I also did a fair amount of research on behavioral routines and enforcing them via the reward/punishments when I was writing Hacking Fear.

In the end like a bolt of lightning an idea hit me... the idea I now call


So you have an idea for a book right? It can't be that hard to write if guys like me are writing them right? So what is stopping you? Not enough time in the day? Well then break it down; Write one chapter a month.

You could share your journey with your friends, family, and loyal readers by allowing them to subscribe to your book as it comes out chapters by chapter.

Taking it up a step:

We could take Tim's advice and add a financial component. Get your followers to pay for each chapter as it comes out. Let's say for example that you were thinking of charging $24 for a 12 chapter book. Your supporters could buy the book chapter by chapter paying you monthly as the chapters come out.

Each chapter would have a solid deadline to keep you focused. If you miss the deadline then then the subscriber is not charged and you face the consequences. I realize this is not for the faint of heart, no. It is for those that want to get serious or get a serious kick in the butt.

Where are we now:

Well yes I have built out some of it and released a public alpha for you all to play with. You can tell I did the the design because it is... well basic but it is a start. So check out and let me know what you think. I can't wait to see what the world thinks of it.



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