Recently I was chatting with one of Madison's up and coming entrepreneurs when I asked them what I always ask "What do you want out of life?". To my surprise they responded "I want to be the boss". Interesting, we have all seen people that wanted just that, to be the boss. But its not something I recommend. Let me explain why:

Just because you are the boss doesn't mean you are a leader. Just because people are in your charge doesn't mean that you are leading them. There's a huge difference between being a boss and a leader.


People do what you say because you are the boss. Bosses only power is derived from their title handed down from above. Because of their spot in the organizational hierarchy people have to do what the boss says(at least enough that they don't get fired).

No one is loyal to a boss beyond a paycheck.


Leaders are effective because of those that follow them. Leaders are less concerned with tiles. They care about those that follow them, and do right by their followers regardless of it there is one follower or one hundred

You don't need charisma or charm to be a leader, you just need to genuinely be someone worth following. Typically this means having the character to do the right thing no matter who is looking: no one, one person, or one hundred people.

The problem with being a boss and not a leader:

If people are not willingly following your lead then you end up trying to keep them in line by force. Its the carrot or the stick. You end up putting a lot of restricting edicts into place and terrorizing people into place. That or you go the opposite way and end up trying to bribe your staff into working.

Either way it is far less efficient than leading a team shares the same goals as you and believes in you.

But then what is a "manager"?

Being a Manager is a totally different trait. Managers make sure all the plates are still spinning. Yes, a manager might be a boss or a leader but not necessarily.

Taking the hill:

Think of it this way: If it was war time and you were charged with taking a hill that the enemy had fortified the boss would be standing behind the troops screaming "anyone that turns back gets shot". A leader would be at the head of the troops leading the charge.


No one can give you the title leader except your followers. If you want to be "the boss" chances are it will be lonely at the top. But if you choose to lead from the heart and genuinely take care of those you lead then you will always be in good company. It is your choice.



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