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I was a web application architect turned startup junkie. Surviving the many pitfalls from years of launching and shipping tech products and services I moved more into strategy and leadership. I consulted on large multi-million dollar projects. Now, I am trying to share my experience with those that want to build and ship products with my book Ship or get off the pot.


Tech Crunch Disrupt 2012

Tech Crunch Disrupt


100State is an amazing collaborative coworking environment that went from 0 - 160 members in just over a year and is quickly becoming one of the major tech hubs of the midwest.

Here is a little clip of us getting getting interviewed around the new 100state.

PS: One of my ventures,, is managing this space and many other coworking spaces.

Driven To Better Podcast:

The Wall Street Journal

Not the best press I have ever gotten, as a matter of fact the author twisted some facts to make it look like I was down and out when I was actually on the way up. All the same it was cool being in the Wall Street Journal.

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