Moments ago I typed the final keystrokes of version 0.0.14 of my book! Damn it feels good. I have been writing various drafts for years but got serious about it at the end of summer and it has been a grueling couple of months.

The process so far:

  1. Outline the entire book aiming for 40 pages
  2. Brain vomit each chapter one by one at a pace of 2-3 per week.
  3. Once I was done with each chapter go back through and revise the entire book to add a cohesive voice and structure(chopping out 7 chapters).
  4. Publish a first draft to my own inner circle and early adopters(you).
  5. Look at your feedback and use it to craft a better book.

Without further adieu....

Drum roll please...

You may now access your early edition of SOGOTP: Innovation(still working on the title) at

For the public it does have a price set but the first 100 people that use the coupon code lean you can get it FOR FREE.

If you like the book or just want to show your support but don't want to pay full price feel free to use the coupon code show_me_some_love to get 66% off. should make it so you instantly get the latest copy. Eventually I will launch it on Amazon but for not is the easiest to write, publish and get feedback on.

If you have any trouble with the checkout shoot me an email.

Thank you all!

Thank you all for your support and feedback. You all rock!

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